CCBC Childcare Center


Staff use positive guidance to help children learn self-control. Redirection, logical or natural consequences, and anticipation of potential problems are used to encourage appropriate behavior.

  • Setting realistic, positive experiences
  • Respecting each child and his or her feelings
  • Offering good choices
  • Praising positive behavior


Whether your child is a preschooler or school-age child, the Children's Learning Center can offer your child:

  • Professional Staff
  • A healthy, stimulating, safe environment
  • Nutritious snacks
  • Frequent, positive warm interactions with adults
  • Varied age age-appropriate equipment and material
  • Opportunities to socialize, create, construct, dramatize, and experiment
  • Interesting, inviting classrooms
  • Spacious playgrounds
  • Campus facilities, such as art galleries, athletic facilities and special events are open to children.

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