CCBC Student Service Links

  • Student Success Center : The Student Success Center provides tutorial support for most CCBC courses, workshops, and serves as a computer lab where students can do homework and use various software programs.

  • The OWL (online writing lab): The OWL, which is part of the Writing Center, is an Online Writing Center that offers students the opportunities to receive feedback on their writing via email.

  • Testing Center : The Testing Center provides centralized testing services to students. This includes administering assessment tests, placement tests and proctored test (make up and distance learning)

  • Counseling: The Counseling Center offers academic advising and transfer counseling to the general student population. Psychological consultation and referral services are also offered.

  • Academic Advisement: Academic Advisement assists students with selecting courses and developing individual educational plans. New students meet with an advisor to discuss course selection based on assessment and placement test results and educational goals.

  • Online Academic Advising: Through Online Academic Advising students can communicate with an advisor online.

  • Career Development/Job Placement: Career Development assists students with career planning through counseling, courses, testing, and other resources. Job Placement provides assistance to students seeking full or part time employment both on and off campus.

  • General Information for International Students : Here international students can obtain specific information about admissions, ESOL and other support services.

  • Admissions: The Admissions Office is the first point of contact in applying to CCBC.

  • Financial Aid Office: The Financial Aid Office assists eligible students with obtaining the finances necessary to attend college.

  • Student Activities Office: The Student Activities Office provides various events and programs outside of the classroom to enrich students' college experiences.

  • INS (now USCIS): US Citizenship and Immigration Service
  • Student Clubs and Organizations:Student clubs provide additional educational and recreational opportunities. Students can explore their interests and make new friends. Students also have opportunities to engage in leadership roles and experience personal and professional growth.


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