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CCBC implements tobacco-free policy
Policy prohibits the use of tobacco products within core campus areas

Clean air, clean campus.CCBC has joined many colleges across the state by adopting a tobacco-free policy. This new policy, which became effective July 1, 2012, designates the core of each of the college's main campuses (CCBC Catonsville, CCBC Dundalk and CCBC Essex) to be tobacco-free, including all buildings, exterior grounds and athletic fields.*

The CCBC Board of Trustees approved the College Senate-endorsed policy after a yearlong series of discussions with campus groups and open forums for faculty, staff and students.

Like other similar measures, this policy aims to reduce the health risks associated with smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke.

“Our intent is to promote a healthy campus environment, ensuring that all members of our college community – including students, faculty, staff, visitors and guests – enjoy access to clean air,” says CCBC President Sandra Kurtinitis.

Tobacco products may only be used within designated tobacco-use kiosks located on each campus or in private vehicles parked in the following areas:

CCBC Essex

    Lot 1 below (north) of Division Lane

    Lots 3, 8, 7, 6 and 5

CCBC Dundalk

    Front parking loop (from the flagpoles south, toward Building T, to the entrance road)

    Lots 3 and 4

    Parking on the perimeter road

CCBC Catonsville

    Lots 3 and 6

To help smokers who are interested in kicking the habit, CCBC is providing smoking cessation classes in partnership with the Baltimore County Department of Health. The classes are available on campus and free of charge for all CCBC students, faculty and staff.

Employees may attend cessation classes during scheduled work hours with the permission of their supervisors. Those who are unable to take advantage of the on-campus services will be connected to additional resources available in the community.

During the first three months after implementation (July through September 2012), violators will receive a pamphlet detailing the college policy along with resources for cessation programs.

Violators will be given the same information, along with a warning, during months three through six of the policy’s implementation. Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, persons violating the policy will be issued a $35 citation or requested to leave the campus.

For details on the policy, kiosk locations and smoking cessation classes, visit www.ccbcmd.edu/tobaccofree.

*CCBC Extension Centers (Hunt Valley, Owings Mills, Randallstown, Ridge Road) remain tobacco-free with no smoking permitted within 25 feet of the buildings.

Rev: August 14, 2012

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