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The mission of the Nursing Program at CCBC is to prepare a registered nurse generalist who demonstrates clinical and professional excellence and integrity in the practice of nursing. The nurse generalist curriculum is concept based and emphasizes the responsibility for and inclusiveness of all patient populations. It is committed to the optimal use of available resources. The nurse generalist is prepared to enter the healthcare workforce and is eligible for licensure as a registered nurse. Congruent with the CCBC mission, a commitment to lifelong learning and educational mobility is fostered.


The Nursing Program at Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) is the premier Associate Degree Nursing Program in the Baltimore metropolitan region.

Nursing Program Outcomes

The mission, philosophy, and program outcomes of the CCBC Associate Degree Nursing Program were developed by the nursing faculty and include beliefs related to the concept of nursing, nursing education, the teaching/learning process, and the scope of practice for the Associate Degree graduate. The organizing framework and outcomes for the nursing program were derived from the statement of philosophy for the Nursing Program and the philosophy of nursing education. The nursing program outcomes include the expected levels of achievement; and the statements of Nursing Program Competencies are used interchangeably with student learning outcomes.

The CCBC Nursing Program Outcomes are:

1. Seventy percent of the students who begin the program will successfully complete the program within a maximum of three calendar years from the date of entry.

2. Eighty-five percent of the program graduates will pass NCLEX on their first attempt.

3. Ninety percent of the graduate survey respondents will be employed as an entry-level practitioner within 6 months of graduation.

4. Seventy five percent of the graduate survey respondents will express satisfaction with the curriculum, environment, learning resources, support services, and policies.

CCBC Nursing Program Competencies:

Upon graduation from the Community College of Baltimore County Nursing Program, the Associate Degree nurse generalist will be able to:

1. Collaborate with other health care providers to advocate for patients, families and groups in order to provide quality nursing care;

2. Integrate effective communication techniques and caring behaviors with patients, families, and groups to improve health outcomes;

3. Provide nursing care to patients, families, and groups that supports their cultural and spiritual customs, beliefs, and values;

4. Integrate evidenced-based practice for clinical decision making in the delivery of nursing care;

5. Design health promotion activities that contribute to the wellness of patients, families and groups;

6. Demonstrate accountability and responsibility in the management of nursing care of patients, families and groups;

7. Evaluate the application of the nursing process as a systematic method of providing nursing care throughout the life span;

8. Analyze the essential pharmacologic principles used in providing care for patients;

9. Incorporate the knowledge, responsibilities and standards essential to the professional practice of nursing;

10. Organize nursing care to promote and maintain safety for patients, families, and groups;

11. Perform nursing skills independently using available technology to meet standards of efficacy and safety;

12. Integrate teaching into the nursing care of patients, families, and groups.

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