Professional Development Program


Professional Development Program

2014 CCBC Professional Development Team

The CCBC Professional Development Team is made up of representatives from major areas across the institution.  The team’s primary goal is to implement an outstanding program of professional development activities for all employees of the College.  Team members are responsible for

  • planning and implementing the annual all-employee Professional Development Conference in May
  • planning and implementing a year-round program of professional development for administrative, professional and classified staff
  • developing new professional development initiatives, as needed
  • assisting with the publicity of staff/professional development activities of the college that are open to all employees
  • coordinating efforts in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of programs, share and extend College resources, and maximize accessibility to employees
  • representing CCBC on appropriate external groups such as the Maryland Consortium on Adjunct Faculty Professional Development and the North American Council on Staff, Program and Organizational Development
  • addressing concerns, issues and suggestions related to professional development

In order to fulfill our responsibilities, we want to know about any scheduled staff/professional development speakers, programs, workshops, etc. that you have planned or anticipate offering as well as any wished-for staff development activities and/or any suggestions for college-wide activities.

Professional Development Team members are as follows:


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