Professional Development Program


Professional Development Program

What's New? (and Coming!)

The Professional Development Team has extended its offerings to a year-round format. Workshops and seminars are offered each fall and spring semester. Several online courses have been developed for employees. The eleventh annual all employee Professional Development Conference is scheduled for Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

Resources for Employee Development -- the RED Room -- stop in and further your professional development with our resources!

The RED Room, located on the Catonsville Campus in AF205E, is a free resource center for all employees. Books, videos and DVDs, and other materials are available for browsing and check-out. Resource categories include: supervision, management and leadership, personal and career development, various equity topics, training resources and ideas, hiring, intercultural understanding and personal wellness.

The Office of Professional and Organizational Development is currently working to expand its offerings. Please watch for opportunities to provide your ideas as we develop a more comprehensive program.

If there are additional features that you would like to see included on this website, please let us know.



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