Planning, Research and Evaluation


Data and Reports

PRE houses several interesting college-level datasets. The office also conducts extensive program and department evaluations. These evaluations produce programmatic information including detailed trend data. As part of the reporting required by federal and state mandates, PRE prepares various reports on various topics of interest.


Enrollment Data

The Enrollment Management Data contains various reports and tracking data to assist in the monitoring of enrollment at CCBC. Current Reports include:

CCBC Retention Trends
FTE Credit and Noncredit Enrollment Trends
FTE Credit Trends by Fiscal Year by Campus and Semester


Student's Right to Know

Student's Right to Know (SRTK) is a Federally-mandated public disclosure of College's Completion Rate and Transfer Rate. The intent of SRTK is to provide to the consumer a statistic of comparable effectiveness that they can use in the determination of college choice. All colleges nationwide are effectively required to participate in the disclosure of rates.

Student's Right to Know

CCBC Student Profiles

The Semester Credit Student Profile is a report providing enrollment trends and demographic information.


Annual Student Profile - Credit and Continuing Education

This brief provides student demographic profiles and enrollment information for credit and continuing education (CEED) students. A series of tables and graphs accompany this report to illustrate trends in student demographics and trends in enrollment for the past four fiscal years.

Annual Profile

Early College Access Program

These reports provide information about high school juniors and seniors who are concurrently enrolled at CCBC in Early College Access Programs. These include: Parallel Enrollment Program (PEP), College 4 Free, and Diploma to Degree.


Graduate Report

CCBC Graduate Report provides information on the number of degrees and certificates awarded in a reported fiscal year. Demographic characteristics of CCBC graduates are also provided.

Graduate Report

Middle States Reports

Full Institutional Profile

The Full Institutional Profile contains general information about CCBC. It also contains instructional, enrollment, graduation, and financial information.

Full Institutional Profile

Middle States Commission of Higher Education

The Profile and Accreditation page is located on the MSCHE website and provides current general and accreditation information.

Profile and Accreditation Page

Accountability Measures

These reports contain information and measures to ensure CCBC's accountability to the public supporters. These documents contain measures and CCBC goals that are important to administrators and faculty who are planning future activities.

CCBC Performance Accountability Report (MHEC)
CCBC Effectiveness Indicators

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