Tuition, Fees & Refunds


Tuition (per billable hour): 

Summer 2015 & Fall 2015







Residency is explained in the current CCBC catalog. 


General Services Fee (per billable hour)







Selective Admissions Application Fee (non-refundable)*


Registration Fee (non-refundable)***


Late Registration Fee (initial registration)**


Capital Fee


Technology Fee (per billable hour)


Senior Course Fee (per course -- age 60+)


Activity Fee (per billable hour, max $36/semester)

$ 3.00

Lab Fees (See Class Schedule for course fees)

ID Card Replacement

$ 5.00

Graduation Fee $75.00
Certificate Fee $50.00
Transcript Fee $10.00

Non-Sufficient Funds Check


* Submitted with Selective Admissions Application form to programs in the School of Health Professions.

** Fee assessed on initial registration occurring on or after the first day of the semester.

*** Visiting students concurrently enrolled at CCBC and a four year college or university for Winter 2015 will have their CCBC registration fee waived. To receive the waiver, students should bring proof of Fall 2014 enrollment from their four year college or university (i.e., Fall 2014 schedule or grades, updated college ID, etc.) to the Bursar’s Office on any campus.


  • Fees for credit by exam or portfolio are assessed tuition at 1/2 the Baltimore County rate
  • Tuition & Fees are subject to change

Flexible payment plans are available

Refund Policy
Student Initiated Drops/Withdrawals:

Courses officially dropped prior to the first day of the semester (full term)

100 %

Courses officially dropped prior to the end of the third week (full term)

50 %

Courses officially dropped during the first one-fifth (20%) of the session
(summer, winter, extra session or courses not full term in duration)

50 %

In order to ensure accurate and timely processing of refunds, students should verify that their current address is on file with the college. Financial aid recipients who drop courses may have their financial aid award reduced and may be held responsible for repayment to CCBC.

Withdrawal refund appeals
A student who withdraws from courses after the deadline date and requests an appeal review for a possible refund because of extenuating circumstances will need to provide appropriate documentation (from an employer, medical verification, etc.) and the last date of attendance for the specific semester/session within 15 days of the request. Requests for tuition refunds due to extenuating circumstances will only be accepted for one academic year following the semester in question. Submit requests to the Registrar’s Office. Appeals are considered by the Registrar.

College Initiated Course Cancellation
Students will be notified by mail and/or telephone if your course is canceled due to insufficient enrollment. One hundred percent of tuition and applicable fees are refunded for canceled courses. 

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