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Technical Studies: CADD

About the Program

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the use of specialized computer hardware and software to generate drawings used in the architectural, civil, engineering, and mechanical and other disciplines. Virtually everything that is constructed or built today is first designed on a CAD system. Students have found employment at many government agencies and private corporations and have experienced career advancement in the management, design or IT fields.

Program Coordinator

Tom Barrett

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Student use new technology

Students enrolled in the CADD program get a chance to experience new technology by using the Z Corporation Spectrum Z 510 3 D Printing System. The Spectrum Z 510 System is a color 3D printing system that can create in a CAD system that can create parts with highly defined accuracy. A fully created, three-dimensional part is created in a CAD system and exported in a file format that is compatible with the printer-usually .STL or VRML. Then the file is sent to the printer's computer interface where the operator will create a "build" file which tells the printer which file to print and where the part will be located in a build volume. Inkjet technology is used to deposit a liquid binder that solidifies layers of powder and the part is built one layer, usually .004" thick, at a time. Companies using this type of printer include, Black & Decker, Ford, Porsche, Fifth Dimension Architectural Design, Nike, Lockheed Martin, Synthesis, Scripts Institute, Clorox and General Motors