Disability Support Services



Students should discuss their need for a notetaker with their Counselor from Disability Support Services (DSS). If it is determined that a notetaker is a reasonable accommodation based on documentation provided to DSS, the following steps should be taken for each class for which a notetaker is requested:

1. The student must complete a “blue form” prior to the start of each semester.

2. The student must pick up and deliver the accommodation letters to his/her instructors. The letter will include directions to the instructor on how to obtain a notetaker for the student and a notetaker card for the notetaker to complete and return to DSS.

3. The student must then tell the instructor if he/she wants a notetaker for that class. This will prompt the instructor to make an announcement for a notetaker in class. (Interested notetakers are directed to Disability Support Services, which is located in Building A, Room A-210).

4. Notes can be exchanged in class or picked up in the Disability Support Services area where a copy machine is available for copying notes. Lined NCR notepaper is available to notetakers through DSS.

5. If there are any problems with the quality of the notes or missing notes, it is the student’s responsibility to inform his counselor in writing as soon as possible. It is also imperative for the student to inform his/her counselor if a notetaker has not been obtained after two class periods.

6. Disability Support Services supports the attendance policy as stated on each instructor’s syllabus. Having a notetaker is not a substitute for regular class attendance. If a student is absent, notes may not be provided. Disability Support Services may also discontinue this accommodation if it is determined that the student is not collecting the notes on a regular basis.

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