Disability Support Services



Students must complete a “blue form” each semester, as soon as possible after registering for classes. This student schedule sheet, available in the office or on the DSS website informs the student’s counselor of his/her class schedule and requests the counselor to write an accommodation letter that the student delivers to the instructor.

• When discussing their selection of courses with their advisor they should discuss whether they want their instructors notified of their disability, keeping in mind that the use of certain accommodations requires notification of instructors.

• Students should be sure to complete all the appropriate sections of the “blue form”.

• Students who do not want a letter prepared for their instructors should still complete the “blue form” to maintain their active status with Disability Support Services (DSS).

• The “blue form” must include an accurate list of courses for the semester because the DSS counselor will use it in the preparation of the letter. The student must notify DSS of changes in schedule.

Within 1 week of the receipt of the blue form, instructor letters will be available for pick up in DSS. STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PICKING UP LETTERS AND DELIVERING THEM TO INSTRUCTORS IN A TIMELY MANNER. DSS will not deliver or send letters to instructors at any time during the semester.

• When picking up letters in DSS, students will be asked to sign and date the blue form indicating that they have picked up their letters for delivery.

Questions about this procedure should be addressed to DSS staff members.

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