Life enrichment made easy

Discover a new talent. Pursue a lifelong passion. Experiment and learn something new!

CCBC Life Enrichment classes are convenient. Chances are, we’re right in your neighborhood at one of our six CCBC locations, or at one of 27 community centers, libraries and schools throughout Baltimore County.

Busy? Learn right from home or on the go with our flexible online life enrichment classes.

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Life Enrichment Classes for all ages!

CCBC offers special enrichment courses designed for both seniors and youth.
  • Seniors classes in the arts, computers, fitness and more are designed for a more mature audience.
  • Youth programs include summer camps and college readiness options for school age students.

Or, maybe you want to audit credit classes…

Students can audit a credit class to learn the curriculum, but without the pressure of earning a grade. All credit classes are available for audit.

Questions about auditing a credit class? Contact the Registrar’s Office by calling 443.840.2222 or emailing

Online Classes and Programs

CCBC Online offers instructor-led life enrichment classes on your schedule.

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