Start a new career by helping others get healthy!

Fitness Trainers work with the public at gyms, senior centers, in recreation programs, or with private clientele.

Begin or expand your personal training business by completing our Fitness Continuing Education Certificate programs. Upon completion of the course and passing the written/practical exam, students will receive an AAAI/ISMA Certificate (from the American Aerobic Association International/International Sports Medicine Association).

Students will also be awarded a CCBC Continuing Education Certificate. CPR Certification required. It is recommended that study guides be purchased and read prior to first class.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Are you in great shape and want to help others with their fitness goals. CCBC has a Personal Trainer certification program to help you get started on your goal.

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Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Personal Fitness Trainer: Phase II (Master Personal Trainer)

Yoga Instructor Certificate

Become certified as a Yoga Instructor. Earn money while helping others improve their mind, body and spirit.

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Yoga Teacher Training Part 1

Wellness Certificates

Reiki Practitioner
Reiki Practitioners use healing energy attunements to treat the body on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Learn how to set up your own Reiki healing practice. Upon completion of the course, students receive a First Degree Reiki Certificate. Students completing Reiki II will receive a Second Degree Reiki Certificate.

Classes include:

Other Wellness programs

Introduction to Natural Health and Healing

Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health

Continuing Education Certificate in Food, Nutrition and Health