• Women meditating on the beach

Mindful movement and physical exercise promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being

CCBC offers a wide array of wellness classes both in the classroom and online.

Experience improved memory, quality sleep, self-discipline, reduced stress, and self-confidence. Best of all you will look and feel better! We offer classes in meditation, aromatherapy, healing with crystals, herbs and health, chakra tune-up, and energy medicine. Or learn how you can improve your health and well-being through the power of drawing or painting, holistic healing, living your vision, and thinking yourself healthy.

Many healing practitioners incorporate both Eastern and Western medicine in their practice through traditional Chinese medicine, face and body readings, and tongue diagnosis.

Enjoy our online wellness classes anytime or anyplace you can connect to the Internet. Our online courses include healthy weight loss and management, listening to your heart, making decisions, assisting aging parents, marriage and relationships, and many more.

Our online classes are taught by highly-skilled instructors who recognize that each student is unique with a different set of goals and abilities. This ensures students feel supported, inspired and satisfied.