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Elijah Foster

CCBC Student, General Studies, '24

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CCBC in three words: phenomenal, amazing and diverse.

Elijah Foster is a General Studies major at CCBC Essex who received the CCBC Presidential Scholarship that covers his full tuition. The tuition-free opportunity allows him to focus more on his education instead of work. “I came to CCBC because during high school I did not put myself in the best situation to attend a four-year college. Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything because CCBC is phenomenal, affordable, and close to home,” said the Baltimore, Maryland resident. “The cost did play a factor for me. It still does, if I am being honest. CCBC and community college in general are so much more affordable than four-year institutions.”

Foster also appreciates the extremely flexible schedules at CCBC. After dropping one class, he was able to pick up a late start for a sociology class that will allow him to graduate on time. Online classes have also helped him manage his work and academic obligations. Whether in-person or online, he says the education he is receiving is high-quality and will prepare him to transfer to a four-year institution. Having easy access to his professors whenever he needs assistance is a reassurance that also sets him up for success.

I love CCBC’s faculty. It feels like they have our best interest at heart and want to help us in any way they can.

Outside of his classwork, Foster participates in various clubs and activities. He said, “It is important to get involved because that is how you build relationships and connections.” He is a member of the Honors Club, Male Student Success Initiative, and Phi Theta Kappa. “It is always fun to have a space outside of the classroom to engage with others.” Foster likes how diverse the culture is at CCBC. “We have so many different organizations, yet we still all feel like one community at CCBC.”

As a member of the CCBC Fresh Faces, Foster is an enthusiastic ambassador for the benefits of CCBC and community college in general. Speaking from experience, he said, “If a four-year school is not paying you to go, don’t waste your money or time. By going to a four-year straight from high school, you take a low-risk investment with a high reward.” He also encourages anyone who doesn’t get accepted into their college of choice to consider going to community college first, which can give you another opportunity and a better chance by transferring in with an associate degree. Foster said, “There are schools that give extra scholarships to students with associate degrees. Plus, you transfer with more credits that will hopefully help you graduate on time.”

Foster has always loved helping others and believes that many fields in psychology support that passion in some way. After earning his associate degree in General Studies at CCBC, his goal is to achieve a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master's degree in higher education. He hopes to one day work as a director for advising.

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