• CCBC students participating in a fitness class

Fun & fit for life

CCBC offers a wide range of health and fitness classes to keep you fit and get you moving, including swimming, self-defense, exercise classes, fitness dance and more.

The key to longevity is exercise and nutrition. Have fun and improve your health including cardio-respiratory, muscular strength and endurance, strengthen your joints and improve flexibility. Exercise of any kind is perfect for those needing physical activity without stressing the body.

Health and fitness course offerings

Cardio and aerobics

Get your heart pumping and your lungs working with one of our many fitness classes. From Aerobics to Zumba, we will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Aerobic Dance Workout I
Cardio Fitness
Low Impact Zumba
Zumba Intermediate

Circuit and weight training

Building your muscle at any age is important and can help you feel younger as well as stronger. We have the classes that fill your fitness needs.

Intermediate Weight Training
Weight Training and Conditioning
Strength Training for Total Fitness

Fitness certificates

Are you someone who loves fitness and wants share that love by learning to teach classes? We have certificates to teach all types of fitness programs as well as learn CPR.

Learn more about our Fitness Certificates »

Outdoor activities

Have fun outdoors with one of our programs. Hike or bike around Baltimore, take to the tennis courts or go boating.

Beginning Tennis
Bike Around Baltimore
Hikes Around Baltimore
Watching Birds during Migration

Maryland Basic Boating Certification Course
S.C.U.B.A. Diving Certification Prep Course

Pilates and Tai Chi

Try a gentler, but effective approach to fitness. Pilates and Tai Chi can be great fitness routines for individuals of all ages.

Tai Chi for Beginners


Learning martial arts is not only a way to defend yourself, but also promotes discipline and fitness. We offer a wide variety classes including basic self-defense and self-defense for women.

Self Defense for Young People
Self-Defense for Protection


Take to the water with our aquatic fitness classes. You can learn to swim, do water aerobics or have fun with Aqua Fitness.

Aqua Fitness
Introductory Swimming
Intermediate Swimming
Advanced Swimming
Swimming Level I
Swimming Level II
Swimming Level III
Water Aerobics

Water Safety Instructor


See why so many people add yoga to their fitness routine. Our experienced instructors will help you tone your body and calm your spirit.

Gentle Yoga
Yoga I - also as credit course PELF 100
Meditation and Yoga for Wellness