Earn CCBC credits at other colleges and universities. 

Take up to two classes a year at another institution through the Baltimore Student Exchange Program.

The Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP) allows qualifying CCBC students to take courses at other Maryland universities while only paying CCBC tuition. Through this dual enrollment program, students may register for courses at both CCBC and the chosen host institution, but are billed only by CCBC. At the end of the semester, the student's credits and grades from the host institution are transferred to CCBC. Both credits and grades will transfer.


Students only may participate in BSEP during the fall and spring semesters. Students must meet the following criteria:
  • Sophomore standing
  • Enrolled full-time between the two institutions
  • Enrolled in at least half of the total number of credits to be completed at CCBC

Steps to Participate

  1. Print and complete the BSEP Enrollment form (or obtain a form from the Enrollment Services Center). List the class or classes to enroll in the Course Information section of the BSEP Enrollment form.
  2. Submit the completed and signed BSEP Enrollment form to the Enrollment Services Center or mail to the Registrar’s office.
  3. The BSEP coordinator will review the information. 
    • If CCBC approves the request, the coordinator will provide copies of the approved BSEP Enrollment form.
    • If the request was approved by the host institution, the student will be instructed on how to register for the courses. Some institutions will process the registration on behalf of the student; other institutions may require the student to complete additional paperwork or register online.  If a course is closed or requires special permission, the student may need to speak with the instructor or department offering the course to obtain permission to enroll.
    • If the request was not approved by the host institution, return the completed BSEP Enrollment form, signed by the host institution, to the CCBC Enrollment Services Center to cancel the program request. The CCBC BSEP coordinator will advise you about additional enrollment options.
  4. At the end of the semester, the host institution will send an official transcript with the student's grades to CCBC, and it will be posted on the student's CCBC academic transcript. If the grades do not appear within four weeks of the end of the semester, contact the BSEP coordinator in the Registrar’s office at 443.840.CCBC (2222). The coordinator will then follow up with the host institution.