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The Test for Essential Academic Success (TEAS) is a requirement for admittance by some programs in the School of Health Professions: nursing, dental hygienist, radiography.

There are 4 sections to the TEAS exam: math, science, reading, and English language and usage. We offer a prep class to help you review and prepare for each of these sections. A fifth prep class is also offered: Comprehensive TEAS Strategies. This class reviews strategies for approaching the various types of questions in all subject areas, as well as time management, dealing with test anxiety, and test taking skills. Each class meets for a total of 15 hours. For more information please call 443.840.4700.

TEAS Prep Classes

English and Language Usage

Topics to be reviewed include grammar, parts of speech, how to determine meaning of words by analyzing the word structure, spelling and punctuation, sentence structure, and use of context clues to determine the meaning of words or phrases.

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Develop an increased confidence in math, as well as good test taking and critical thinking skills as you practice solving TEAS type questions in numbers and operations, algebraic applications, data interpretation, and measurement.

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This class provides an intensive review of reading concepts, including paragraph and passage comprehension. Practice tests will be given and discussed.

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Develop an increased confidence and knowledge in Human Body Science, Life Science, and Earth and Physical Science, as well as good test taking and critical thinking skills as you practice solving TEAS type questions.

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Comprehensive TEAS Strategies

Learn the best strategies for approaching various types of questions in all subject areas: Math, Science, English Language and Usage, and Reading. Work through practice tests in class, and have the opportunity for questions and discussion. Boost your confidence as you learn strategies for time management, anxiety reduction, and test taking tricks.

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