• CCBC student Hunter Lubawski

    Hunter Lubawski

    An Honors student and College Promise scholar, Hunter plans to transfer to a four-year university with the ultimate goal of becoming a kindergarten teacher.

  • CCBC student Akira Tisdale

    Akira Tisdale

    After earning her ASL degree, Akira now pursues a degree in CCBC’s competitive Interpreter Preparation program.

  • CCBC student Rama Sawalhi

    Rama Sawalhi

    Human Services Counseling major and full-time mom, Rama enjoys CCBC for its flexible scheduling and affordability.

CCBC students in their own words

Every CCBC student’s goal is different, and every path distinct.

Many come right out of high school to take the first steps toward a college degree or to get the knowledge and skills they need to jump into the workforce. Others are returning to build their resume or retool their skills after years away from school. Some have come to CCBC simply to pursue their interests.

Whatever the goal, they all soon discover that they have come to the right place to reach it.

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