Jadia Roney
CCBC Student, General Studies

Jadia Roney graduated in June 2020 from Randallstown High School and enrolled in Towson University for Fall. But after COVID-19 hit and she learned that all of her classes would be online, she decided she didn’t want to pay full price, four-year tuition costs to attend college online, so she withdrew and enrolled in CCBC.

“I still want the college experience, but I also want to be safe, and I feel like I can have both at CCBC.”

Roney realized she could go to CCBC for a fraction of the cost – or even free. After registering for classes, she heard about CCBC‘s tuition-free incentive and learned that she qualified.

“Going to CCBC tuition-free will definitely help my parents and me out financially,” said Roney. “I have a sibling who is also an undergraduate in college. This is a financial relief to know that I don’t have to worry about tuition.”

“I had already secured a part-time job to help out with tuition,” she added. “Now I am able to save that money for future semesters of college when I will have expenses.”

Roney will attend CCBC Catonsville in the Fall, with some of her classes online and others on-site. In addition, she was happy to learn that although she didn’t take advantage of CCBC dual enrollment while she was in high school, her AP test scores – which were not accepted by Towson – have been accepted at CCBC and can be used as credits.

“I am really excited to get started and to be on campus,” said Roney.

After earning her associate degree in General Studies at CCBC, she plans to transfer to Towson University and major in Exercise Science.

Jadia Roney, CCBC student and general studies major