Rhonda A. Amenu-El
Program Coordinator,

Rhonda A. Amenu-El has been a faculty member of CCBC for 10 years teaching Philosophy (PHIL 101), Critical Thinking (Phil 103), Ethics (PHIL 240) and World Religions (PHIL 131). She also teaches Intro Philosophy Honors (PHIL 101) on the Catonsville campus. Professor Amenu-El also taught Vocal Basics in the Continuing Education Division in 2004 -2006 and is a professional performing and recording artist within the traditional vocal Jazz genre of swing & bee bop and has several albums in that category!

Prior to becoming a faculty member with CCBC, Professor Amenu-El Managed Small Business, Minority Business, and civil Rights Programs in Executive Departments of Maryland State Government.

She holds a Post Master’s Certificate in Education and is completing the Doctor of Philosophy in Education. Professor Amenu-El also holds professional and undergrad degrees in Philosophy, and Legal and Ethical Studies.
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