Johara Osiruphu-El
CCBC Student, Veterinary Technology

CCBC in three words: Flexible, supportive and innovative

Johara Osiruphu-El enrolled in CCBC in Fall 2019 after graduating high school. The Baltimore native decided to attend CCBC because she was interested in the Veterinary Technology program – not to mention CCBC was close to her home and affordable.

“Cost definitely played a part when choosing my college,” she said. “I find CCBC to be very cost effective in helping me reach my goals.”

Growing up, Osiruphu-El loved animals and wanted to be a veterinarian. She decided on CCBC’s Veterinary Technology program because being a vet tech would allow her more contact with the animals and tuition would be significantly less. She currently works as a veterinary assistant at a local animal hospital, and appreciates that she can plan classes around her schedule.

“The flexibility at CCBC is amazing,” said Osiruphu-El, who has taken online, blended and in-person classes at CCBC. She also takes advantage of the campus shuttle service, which is a convenient way for her to travel from CCBC Essex to other campuses.

Osiruphu-El credits CCBC’s faculty and staff for helping her stay on track.

“I love the faculty and staff at CCBC, it is like one big family,” she said. “The professors want to see you succeed, and I appreciate the sense of community at CCBC.”

She decided to become a Fresh Face to be able to showcase what it’s like to be a student at CCBC.

“Being a Fresh Face is a really big role to play,” said Osiruphu-El, who is president of the Muslim Student Association at CCBC. “I love CCBC because of its versatility and diversity and the great environment it offers to students.”

After graduating from CCBC, Osiruphu-El would like to secure a vet tech position and go back to school for Surgical Technology or Zoology. Her long-term goal is to move to Australia to work at a wildlife zoo and hospital.

Johara Osiruphu-El